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Grad Prep

It is best to start planning on graduation and future after graduation long before your Senior year. Some students have things figured out in Junior High and some wait until they get closer to the date. With all you have to consider, we recommend you start putting together a wish list of items, before or…

Graduation Parties

CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU GRADUATED! Graduation is such a big accomplishment and it is something worth celebrating! Here you will find great ideas for Graduation Parties as well as tips from other students on staying safe after graduation! ARTICLES BY STUDENTS FOR STUDENTS:

Grad Gift Ideas

So your student has graduated and it’s time to get gifts? Check out some awesome options here! Graduation Gifts Fun cards, Gifts and other things can be hard to find for your newly graduating student, but fear not! We’ve got you covered with some great options! Remember to go off of things you know they…

Year Books

Whether it be signing each other’s yearbooks, working in the yearbook committee, or guessing who would be the most likely to retire by 30 or become internet famous, Yearbooks can be a big part of high school! I remember my dad pointing out old friends in one of his yearbooks and telling us about what…


“…Wait, so if you’re not going to college, what ARE you doing after High School??” College is an awesome option for some, and it can be an amazing experience, but we want you to know that there are SO MANY OPTIONS after you finish High School!What are these options, you may ask? Great Question, I…

Keeping Connections

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