About High School Spotlight


Let us introduce you to our new exciting social platform that we created specifically for high schools.  This platform will give schools and their student body an opportunity to gain recognition, compete for prizes, scholarships, as well as interact and share valuable information with their peers. Our mission is stated as follows:

High School Spotlight (HSS) is for the youth. Committed to providing simple answers and solutions for frequently asked questions and concerns, the HSS mission is to promote health and stability for youth, while at the same time creating a reliable online support system and community that can be utilized by parents and schools as well.  The magazine will be easily accessible via facebook, twitter, and other social networks, with up to date applications.  Simply put, our goal is to make life easier for kids, to keep them up to date, to help them deal with issues which presented themselves in today’s fast pace world.  

You can see if your school qualifies to sign up your fundraising and competitions by visiting our sign up page to activate your page.   Heres’ the link to apply:


RUN FASTER & JUMP HIGHER Training & Techniques

Though some people are built with natural capabilities for speed or jumping, there are many athletes that surpass them by developing and training their bodies properly. Some natural runners and jumpers get lax because things come so easy for them, leaving opportunity for others to surpass them. They get left behind to those who are…

BULLYING – Here are some ideas on how to deal with bullies…

Bullying is not cool!!! It is not allowed, punishable, and needs to be dealt with. Here are some articles and videos that may help. Bullies aren’t worth your time. You are not alone. Lots of people get bullied. Let’s figure out how to deal with your situation. Kids that get bullied often do great in…